SAM Shelf®

Collect the shelf master data in an outlet very quickly with “SAM Shelf®”. Now the linear space is known, the right range is assigned and automatically produced as a planogram - done.

SAM Store®

If you are dealing with not just individual shelves, but entire departments or even a whole store, you can use "SAM Store®" to optimize the product carriers and their arrangement directly on site.

SAM Display®

Where in the store should the displays be placed in order to achieve the best possible results? "SAM Display®" provides answers to this question. Convince on the shop floor with data and figures.

SAM Check®

After rebuilding the shelves, the question is often asked: How long will it stay like this? With "SAM Check®" you can quickly check the quality of execution and simply order what is missing.

SAM Scan®

As you pass by, "SAM Scan®" allows you to capture several barcodes simultaneously on the price rails. This gives you the assortment that you then optimally place at the touch of a button.

SAM Cockpit®

SAM provides you with key performance indicators from the PoS, which are reported in the easy-to-use "SAM Cockpit®" as sales potential for employees on the shop floor, so as to increase sales turnover.